I do not intend do provide a full list of equipment nor I would like to endevour in writing reviews about photographic equipment at this point. This is a list of links where you can find very usful information and reviews about photographic gear, studio equipment, computer hardware and software. A list of selected equipment used in our workshop is provided also.

Photographic Equipment, News on Digital Photography and Photography

Rob Galbraith

Information and resources on digital photography and technology.


Digital Camera Reviews and News, Forums


News and Reviews on photographic equipment, database of oder reviews. Interesting if you are interested in buying something used gear.

Camera Labs

Reviews on Cameras and lenses (very good lens comparisons and detailed camera reviews)

The Digital Picture

Canon DSLR camera and lens reviews

Northlight Images

Digital Photography articles, product reviews.

Pebble Place

Camera equipment reviews, blogs and lens databases. Canon, Leica, Contax and Mamiya gear

Digital Photography

Source of the FLAAR reports. Reviews also on older gear.


News on digtal equipment and reviews


Excellent lens reviews and comparisons. Also rare vintage lenses still recommendable for digital photography. Lens adapters.

Imaging Resource

Very good source for reviews on camera gear.

British Journal of Photography

Known information hub on all topics of photography

Canon Digital Learning Center

Tutorials on Canon gear


Reviews on professional digital cameras and software. Technique.

Photo Net

Photography community including forums, reviews and photo galleries.

Fred Miranda

Reviews and experiences from lens and camera users. Articles on photographic gear and essays on photography.

DXO Mark

Provides RAW-based image quality performance for lenses and digital cameras. Very useful rankings and comparisons.

Imaging Recource

Reviews on latest digital cameras, scanners and printers. Comparisons.

Large Format Photography

Review and comparison of hight end film and flatbed scanners

Photographic Gear Software used in the workshop

Canon EOS 1ds Mk III

Digital workhorse: Used for reportage, editorial and studio photography.

Cambo Ultima (35)

Digital very compact monorail camera. Allows all camera movements like swing, tilting and shifting. Adaptors for film backs, digital backs and srl cameras. I use it in combination with the Canon 1ds. For ultimate image quality in the studio I use a Schneider Apo-Digitar 80 mm macro lens and a Rodenstock Apo Sironar Digital 90 mm lens.

Schneider and Rodenstock Lenses

Large format and digital lenses with highes reputation in the photographic world. Hight resolution lenses for digital photography in the studio and in the field (architectual photography).

Apple Mcbook Pro

Used for digital file editing and for image acquiring in the studio of in the field with the Canon 1ds tethered to the computer.

Sony Nex 5

Very useful camera for street photography and on holiday. Extraordinary RAW file qualtiy close and better of some semi professional cameras. Impressing possibilities for available light photography. Full HD Video.

Balcar Flash System

Nexus generators and flash heads mainly used in the Murano studio. Nexus generators accept also flash heads from other manufacturers than Balcar. For instance we use one to attach a Bowens Quad spot to one of the generators. Balcar Conept P generators and flash heads are used outside the studio for a maximum of speed and independance from power supply.

Profoto lightshaping

Studio light quality on location. We use the Profoto Pro-7b 1200 for much of our field work. The Profoto Giant Umbrella (7 ft. across) creates an evenly spread but very bright and crisp light.

California Sunbounce

System of reflector panels and flags very useful and easy to handle and transport. Very big panels can be packed in amazing small packages.

Bowens lightshaping

Bowens generators and flash heads are used mainly in the Dusseldorf studio. But in Murano we use the exceptionally sturdy build Bowens Wafers banks. Dismounting them is very simple and therefore you can use them also outside the studio.


Italian studio tripod manufacturer. Basic line and the advanced and very sturdy Avenger line.

Epson Stylus Pro 4000

Professional in jet printer for 13" wide pictures. Very wide color gamut with long print life. Used with GMG Colorproof a professional RIP and printing program.

Imacon Flextight Photo

High end scanner for analog film. Scanning of 35 mm, medium format film and also 4x5" slide film. The latter works very well with Photoshop's photomerge tool.

Main Software

Capture One

Professional RAW converter and image editing software. In combination with Canon 1ds used for tethered shooting and image evaluation on location. Gradually C1 is taking over tasks earlier performed with Photoshop. Raw file editing has some advantages over corrections with Photoshop or other programs.

Expression Media

Former iView now acquired by Phase One. Digital Asset Managment Program. Unfortunately not updated for years and therefore somehow surpassed by programs like Aperture, Bridge and Lightroom. Hopefully Phase One will change that situation and provide us with a professional DAM program in line with Capture One.


Professional digital imaging and photographic tools. Professional masking, digital editing and sharpening. For sharpening I use plugins like Photokit Sharpener and Fractal Sharpen. Used as RAW converter for the Sony Nex 5 files since Capture One currently does not support those cameras.

Adobe Bridge

Program for Digital Asset Management. Sorting, structuring and sharing digital pictures (and other media files on your computer). Links programs like Capture One, Photoshop, Adobe Indesign in the digital workflow.

Photomatix Pro

HDR software for professional tonemapping and detail enhancement. Alternative to the Photoshop HDR tool.

Computer and data processing


Latest reviews and expert opinions on mac computers


Latest news, tipps and tricks, reviews on mac computers and software. In German.


Trouble shooting on mac computers.

Tom's Hardware

Resource for hardware and computer, storage and monitor reviews

Version Tracker

Software reviews and download hub

Apple History

List of all Apple computers with configurations

Bare Feats

News and reviews on mac computers and other hardware.

Every Mac

Specs of apple computers with configurations.

Powerbook Medic

Very useful mac repair guides.

My Mac Fixes

Blog on solutions with Mac related problems

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