Still not had enough of Venice? We can help there, too. For our workshop members and or their companions, we have two very special opportunities.

Take an unusual guided tour of the history and beauty of the city with a professional private guide and native Venetian. She will keep you off the typical tourist routes and show you not only monuments, but help you to understand why despite so many centuries the soul of the ancient past still keeps shining through. This tour is also sustainable: it respects the natural limits of the city and its fragile infrastructure.
Enjoy a day out in the lagoon on a traditional Venetian wooden boat. This is a very special venture and one of Venetians' most beloved leisure activities, cruising the lazy lagoon in the late afternoon sun, cooled by the fresh breeze of the Adriatic sea. Enjoy an on-board picnic, then disembark to explore one of the remote islands of the lagoon. There's lots of time for talking, dreaming and letting your soul dangle in the boat's wake...

These tours must be booked separately from our normal workshop package, but they are the perfect way to round off your stay in Venice. Aside from our workshop, they are definitely the highlight of your Venetian journey.

Please ask about the cost and other details of these special tours.

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